27 Feb 2018

Pathways Ambassadors? Pathways Guides?

We, the Volunteer Pathways Ambassadors have been "there" and ready : 2 years now. 1500 of us and even when we did not know yet what to say, we begun spreading the word.
Before "launching" in each Region, we got more precise tasks for 6 month. I did not see, but indeed the sentence not copied here is "communicating with each club" ... at least...
Each gets 8 or more clubs. To visit in person, together with a Pathways Guide: to co-present the Educational program about which we know more now to all members. I went to 9 clubs so far. Points 3 and 5 above. We answered members questions : more questions will come after the "rollout".

Communicating with each club "at least once a month" up to three month after the rollout, in person or email or social media? 

I counted, if it was so, it would have been 6 X 10 = 60 visits! Take out 10 done, at least 40 more! Email does count, so I emailed from December at least once to each club. But it is not enough. What TMI means by "Social Media"? I found it out, yesterday: only then did I think to open the level 4 Project "Social Media Presence". Hurrah! Blog IS considered too! 

What are Pathways Guides for ? "Integral member of the Pathways team. First point of contact" supporting, after the Presentation Visit the VP Education from the clubs through online "virtual support session". Term of service six month.
For those six month, Pathways Guides suddenly seem "more important" then the Ambassadors and TMI does offer them very special treatment. In fact, in many districts, Ambassadors become Guides. In our district we work in team! In those six month, the Guide earns a "District role" and indeed a lot is asked from him or her.
Of course, the Ambassadors read also the Navigator (but the one online is so much better), and we got also the "Training Basics" manual. We Ambassadors, also have to read the Slide deck presentation in order to be able to present it. Guides follow up with VPEs to "ensure that they and members of their clubs are comfortable operating Pathways and Base Camp." 

Am I comfortable? What is the difference between Pathways and Base Camp operation? Interesting, that they are asked to select a path "as soon as Pathways launches" from Guides and not from the Ambassadors. Are we supposed we do it anyway? Of course!

I was told "it is the Guide who arranges the visit" by two guides with whom I worked : but when I read now with attention, it is only written in their tasks: "Coordinate with the Ambassador to conduct one visit at each assigned club". Is the rest said through the special webinars that TMI conducts with Guides only?

A lot is expected from the Guides in a short time: half a year! 

But they get special treatment. They arrive in our clubs we visited already through the last years, work hard for 6 month, then some of them will fade away. The best Guides will of course not abandon "their clubs" after the time finished. "I realized they still need me, they are my people!" told us one of those special Guides. Her six month run out, but they needed her more. And I know another Guide who offered instead 15 already 30 VSS !

I was confused what is the difference between Ambassador and Guide. Why in some Districts they work together and in others only the Guide goes out alone. "The Guide is more technically oriented" I heard or read somewhere. Is he? Really?

Above are the Resources the Ambassador gets, but not all yet! Why? I tried the Interactive Navigator, from here (I can have access to it through my Base camp) and it said "only for Guides enter your password" ! Confusing. Why? The Navigator is so much better then the printed material! 

I found from where come the pages Pathways Path and Core Competencies: the one my fellow Guide printed big size, offered to me and we showed at each Presentation. Here is the page for the path I Dynamic Leadership : I am now on Level 4. So happy, I did not wait for Pathways to launch in London !

Managing Change is not so easy! For no one. That is why I chose Visionary Communication path as first : all about change. But it seems to me now that this path is also about change. In plus, I understand now better the projects and their importance.

I am very enthusiastic and love Pathways but still do not understand, why those deciding what to show us and what not at some stage are not listening to their own Projects and involving all concerned without trying to hide one part or other. "Involve those concerned" is written in the Project I am studying now "Building Skills" required project in my current path the Dynamic Leadership that I enjoy more and more.

Perhaps, after reading all the material seen here, you understand better then me the difference between Ambassador and Guide ! The important being, that we both work together (when not the same person) to introduce the new program as smooth as possible.

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Peter Zenger said...

I have been a member of at least two clubs for the last seven years.

My clubs received zero visits from an Ambassador.

Looking at the Ambassador List for my District only two of them are actively involved with the Pathways rollout.

Both of them have now been appointed as Pathways Guides.

When I received my list of clubs, my name was listed as both Pathways Guide and Ambassador.

We have had no additional training regarding the Ambassador component of our duties.