15 Feb 2018

Listen to Paul White at Pathways Panel while he shows his graphics

Paul is Chief Pathways Ambassador in the Pilot District 27, where I went to become Remote Access a member of the Great Communicators club as soon as they begun, end March last year. We connected with Paul through personal storytelling. Beside being a wonderful storyteller, and a great presenter, he also designs great graphics that tell the story in themselves. I already published the images with text and it is the second most read post in this blog. 

Here is Paul talking about the differences in a Panel beginning November, before launch in New Zealand. It was an hour long Panel, my first on Pathways, that I shortened to get from it only Paul intervention and added his answer to my question. 
I am slowly putting together, shorter videos, taken from longer meetings: more easy to listen and more penetrating also. Enjoy all this minutes! 

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