2 Feb 2018

Badges earned, badges received

Yesterday, I should have finished showing the Level recognition badges. We decided with Samir to pass him the presentation after I show the badges on screen. 

I forgot. 

Instead, I finished my part of presentation on Pathways speaking about different kind of Evaluations and how they can be send. Here are the badges. These badges are mine from end January 2018. Notice a discrete number: how many times.
Each time we pass another level 2 for example, the number increases. I got 5 Level 2 but only 4 level three and four. There is no Level 5 here: instead, you get a Proficient badge. I got three of those, even if for the moment, only two are declared on club central. The third, awaits we launch in London, UK, all region 11, then I will ask my VPE from my base club to use it for our club.

I got two other budges from my fellow club members. The first one, 5 month ago, "Collaborative" (after I helped him with a problem) and another last month "Inspirational" (after a speech I delivered about my online club's pathways journey). I did not send yet to anyone, an appreciative badge: I believe it would be the time to do so! 

When I got my second "Proficient" signaling the end of my path achieved, I copied them both, pasted them together with Adobe Photoshop Elements, and copied them to my signature. Very proud of them. 

After a while, I decided, it is not worth to brag, and it is not in me to do so. Besides, a picture is heavy on a mail-box. So, I took them out. Now, my badges exist only in my e-portofoliio and in this blog. 

The projects behind any level each time are my gain, I never do it to get an award or one more tick higher number near a level! 

My real joy are when I read on Facebook a note like this:
or this:
Or, this one bellow from my Mentor who at the beginning wrote me "blogs are past" recommending it now on a Facebook forum as an useful resource to read.

When I discover notes like the three in this post in a notification from a forum I follow, suddenly it seems that the effort, and pleasure of pathways and projects discovery and writing this blog day after day is really recompensed! 

When I get a picture of a Level earned with "thank you Julie!" from those I once or a few times helped. 

It is great to be able to help each other!

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