13 Feb 2018

Zoom for Pathways Virtual Support Sessions

Most Pathways Guides, and me also as Pathways Ambassador and Chief Pathways Guide, use Zoom Platform to connect online with others. 

So many features! so much to learn. Yesterday, I had my first Zoom 101 combined a little with a Pathways demo sharing screen and taking them into my paths and levels. Then we realized, all I had on my screen they did not on theirs. Indeed, some features have to be "allowed" first either in the General or the Advanced Features.

Even Change my Video Background is not there before you allow it, nor is File Transfer I needed later yesterday to send back a completed Evaluation Form. And, when I wanted to demonstrate Side-by-side mode during screen share, It was not available to me.

I forgot to 'allow' it in my settings. This two pictures I got from Zoom when I asked help, how to use the Side by Side mode. They answered very fast and clear!

Yesterday, we had 20 minutes together, speaking of different ways one can see and record a zoom meeting with two Pathways Guides from my District and me. Different experiences, and their Zoom configured in different ways.

We had fun, we learned together. I learned too. There are many levels of zoom to explain. I got to share my screen also and show them some of my levels inside my base camp. Also learned, again, how important is to add some humour and auto depreciation to lighten the mood. Here is the video result of the first 101 Zoom.

Another Zoom feature I discovered recently is Sharing files through Chat during a zoom session. But that also has to be allowed! Later yesterday, during my third meeting of the day, I discovered I could not send back an Evaluation Form through the Chat! Why?

It is this morning that I found my own image not yet shown in the blog, waiting, where is was shown that this feature also has to be enabled in the Settings.
Only then can I send a file while I zoom "inside the zoom". Meanwhile, I opened my mail and send it through mail after my Evaluation, the form back. It worked also, even if it was not so "elegant" and the speaker was happy he got my feedback so fast.

As versatile as it is Zoom, or perhaps because so much can be done with it, there is always more to learn and understand! So there will be Zoom 102 and Zoom 103 and even later, Zoom 201 and Zoom 202! Most important: to do it in a relaxed environment!

This was noon, yesterday. At 5 pm we went to a small corporate toastmasters club, and there also once they begun laughing and me telling some personal stories, the mood changed. Towards the end, I asked if anyone could help me to create a Facebook group and yes! That got a Toastmaster - or was she a future toastmaster? Very excited and happy. Asking to contribute and help, beside needing it of course, is a great mean to involve! Every one of us likes to feel needed.

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