11 Feb 2018

Mathilde Fischer : My love (and evaluations)

Mathilde Fischer told her love story from Germany. A master storyteller, she brings us in to her personal adventure with Pathways and Projects, Feedback and different clubs and evaluators. She also designed the above great flyer.

Here is her video for you to enjoy. We all have our own adventures and love with Paths and Projects and I do believe these stories, I posted yesterday and today, and will one more tomorrow, told at Witty Storytellers are so authentic! Enjoy.

5-7 minutes speech from Level 2 Second Project. 

Pathways did not arrive yet in Europe, but Mathilde went all the way to become member of a club in Philippines to begin earlier! She goes to many online clubs to deliver her stories to advance in her paths.

Remember: Level 1 three projects and 5 tasks are same for all path!

1. Icebreaker --- rehearse it well, and after delivering go back minute by minute
2. Evaluation and feedback --- 3 tasks let you understood in depth why and how
3. Research and presenting --- get us used to search topic and information farther

I will go in depth about those three Fundamental Learnings that is good to come back to and understand in higher and higher level. For Mathilde, it is the beginning of her second path which she does in parallel with the first one, as I understood from her text. Each time, a new knowledge comes and the skill to accept and incorporate feedback grows with it also. 

Understanding and accepting different feedbacks is not easy and it took me a lot not to protest from time to time. Let seek in and think about it calm, later. 

From the Icebreaker, we learn to ask more then one opinion, about our story and its delivery. Before the meeting telling it as many times as possible around us. At the meeting after delivery, speaking with our Mentor, our Evaluator, asking peers present, and after the meeting home, going through it moment by moment ourself. 

With Pathways, you can even ask another present to give you, send you also a written evaluation, not only the one who delivered the spoken evaluation. All are for you, and only you! Not a "prove for the VPE" and not for "uploading" so someone can see it. In any case, only you can see what you upload. It is left to you, what you apply from the feedbacks received to your next speech.

Later our emotions are less involved and then we can weight what we really want to change or not change. And try it out next time. It may work or not, but we tried.

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