6 Feb 2018

Pathways Assessment, again!

I felt stuck, yesterday. On the level 5 of the Effective Coaching, waiting for the creation of a Panel, and the time to spend on its organization. 
Well, it is not really reflected in this picture, but you who read my blog, may remember that I clicked to fast to the self assessment in the Panel Project, without having done it? Just to try if indeed, a project can be closed with zero answers at the Self Assessments Before. Perhaps, Base Camp considers it "done" but no me! I will not go further, till I have the possibility to organize and held a Panel, again. I love them and each time I learn something new. 

With Dynamic Leadership I was also stuck, as the Negotiate the Best Outcome was not done yet, and with my head to all the Pathways Presentations in different clubs, I was not able to concentrate on it. But I felt, I still have to get a path where I can continue! So, I took out the Paths and Pathways saved on my disc as PP and got to look again also at the printed version, and decided "I will buy myself a new path". I decided which.

TMI site was down for a few hours, but  toward the evening I got in and begun a new ASSESSMENT to Chose a Path.
First, I had to select Base Camp Based, of course! Then the language: English. And start.

Select three topics you are interested in learning about. At first, I did select 4 of them and could not go NEXT. Deselected one of them and could continue.
Indeed, this one with 4 selected did not work. I could not go farther! Learned something!

Other questions that arrived, one after other, and some I did agree, others disagree. It is round, as only one answer is allowed here. The choice boxes are square.
Farther in the questions, was "working in a team is a good opportunity for me to understand myself better. Strange question for me, but I did want team work, indeed.

The Assessment proposed me the Visionary Communication as first, the Effective Coaching as third, and the path I have already chosen through pre-research as Third. Great! Of course, if none of the proposed three are between the 3 choices Base Camp offers, there is a button to go down and choose any of them you desire. In this case, I just had to click on the third choice. Pay for it of course. 1 minute after the payment was processed, I went to my Base Camp and I found the new path available for me!
Motivational Strategies is now available for me, and I can deliver, when I prepared it, my sixth Icebreaker! It will be about how I chose my different Paths. My bad and my good choices and what I learned along the way of my real needs and passions.

Why did I chose Motivational Strategies? I decided, I can live with the Level 3 required to study myself and my emotional reactions for two weeks. And whatever is hidden under the Level 4 title, too. Mostly, I did want to create a NEW EVENT together with a TEAM at the end, level 5 requirement. Last time we did that with Paul White and the team of storytellers, it was such a joy! Even, when problems come. We learned, I learned from it. 
So here I am - again - and this time I will tell the story of me as Pathways Ambassador, waiting and waiting, and then going towards Pathways. Making all the mistakes and learning about it. 4 to 6 minutes is not a lot, but I barely can wait to tell the story!

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