1 Feb 2018

Storytelling Creates Connections | TEDX Doug Lipman...

5 years ago, his book was already for a while on my book-self, together with the Power of Personal Storytelling by Jack Maguire, the Improving your storytelling by Doug Lipman where my two preferred books about how to create, embed and tell good stories.

At that time, I have just finished my DTM and my HPL was a 7 month long Personal Storytelling Workshop in my Area. Going from club to club and involving many. It did create connections!

Beside, getting many Toastmasters on stage in 2013, and giving them courage: many visitors joined, just to be able to follow our Storytelling monthly Workshops.

What storytelling can teach us about creating connections?

Storytelling, is "just" one of the Elective projects of Level 3 for now, (of course, in my first path the first I did chose) but I hope, in the future we will have a whole Path dedicated to it. We dedicated a whole Path to storytelling, me and Paul White in parallel, with Storytelling Toastmasters Festival at it's end. Onsite, from Virginia, online, from my Witty Storytellers Online club we told stories, one after other. It did create connection and also interest to online community.

Doug Lipman, Master Storyteller, have been telling stories and coaching for many years. He also wrote books about both. His book, I have had on my self for many years. Also, got to one of his online classes perhaps 7 year ago. Doug come to our Witty Storytellers Online club last year, and delivered a wonderful workshop, free. Alas it was not well recorded then by me. We were using then GoToMeeting, not Zoom where recording video is a click. But Doug's workshop remained in our heart. All who attended it, would never forget it. 

This TEDx speech, Doug was prepared together with many listener's reactions, I was one of them. He did listen to all, and added back or modified and then told it again. And again. To arrive to this masterful presentation.

I believe in his method of telling many times our stories,  'letting it grow'. And even more important, or as important is not to tell all but let each add to it. Thirdly, when telling, be in the moment, and let yourself feel the emotion, express it, let yourself be vulnerable - to create a real connection.

True also for blog writing: I let myself be vulnerable, believing that it will connect us better, faster. And try to write, as much as possible, "in the moment". 

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