10 Feb 2018

Helen's Adventure in her club told at Witty Storytellers Online

I am learning all the time! I discovered that from YouTube you can ask from what point in time to start a video, before sharing it to all these different social media outlets. Facebook, Blog, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc etc etc. or even emailing it! 

Thursday we had yet another very special wonderful meeting at our online Toastmasters club, called this time Pathways Love. Love and Pathways together!
Hellen Brownlie, Base Camp Manager in her Australian club, one of our recent members, told us the story of her club's Adventure with Pathways: she is a Pathways champion. Using the first speech from Evaluation and Feedback: tell any story any style. Get a feedback from many. (So at next speech you apply it) What a wonderful story and telling! Listen.

Of course, Pathways Guides and Ambassadors do prepare the ground, but finally, the Pathways Champions from each club, Base camp managers or not, are the one that will keep the flame burning, and members trying out Pathways, one after other. 

Base Camp Manager? for those who would not have known yet what it means, they are the VPE firstly, then President and Secretary of each club. They have the possibility to go the the Pathways Website called Base Camp and approve each member's crossing a Level. We cannot continue to the next level until they do it.

As Monday two new Regions get Pathways, I would like to remind those so near, that there are certain Compatibility Checks they should do first, even before choosing a Path. And the most important is to DISABLE your browser POPUP Blocker

Here is a link to the post I wrote in August just before another regions got Pathways with screens and explaining it in detail.

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