28 Feb 2018

Icebreaker, in French: Brise de Glace

It is strange, and a bit sad even how fast we read through a text and easy do not realise all that it does say. We remember some, and forget some other suggestions.

A pal, asked me to find for her the French Pathways Ice Breaker. I learned, that French was introduced already in October, when Canada launched, so asked some clubs from Montreal. No answer.

I decided, it is worth to buy a French language Path: Dynamic Leadership and learn the "pathways language". This morning I read and copied to Page, some sentences from it, to look at them in parallel with the English equivalent. I was rewarded in my effort!

Discovered what I overlooked when I passed the English Icebreaker, 5 times already.
For example: it is written in both, as they are new (if they are new I would say) do not give notes (numbers) that could discourage the new Toastmaster. Just write in the observations near the different skills of page 2. 

"Le Bris de glace étant le premier projet qu'un membre effectue, il peut être bénéfique de ne choisir que la section des remarques et pas la notation numérique."

Because the “Ice Breaker” is the first project a member completes, you may choose to use only the notes section and not the numerical score.

And, if you are giving it the second or third time, remember what you wrote at the Pathways Assessment - choosing the path - and instead of the suggestion "why you become Toastmaster" speak about "what you want to accomplish now". In this path. Or any other dreams and goals you have so that those present knew you better.

"Quand vous avez effectué l'évaluation Pathways, nous vous avons demandé d'identifier vos objectifs de base pour la prise en parole en public et vos objectifs de leadership : la raison pour laquelle vous êtes venu à Toastmasters et les gains que vous espériez en retirer. Il peut être utile de repenser à cette expérience et de parler de certains de ces objectifs dans votre discours « Bris de glace ». in French.
When you took your Pathways Assessment, you were asked to identify your basic public speaking and leadership goals—the reason you came to Toastmasters and what you hoped to gain. It may be helpful to think back to that experience and share some of those goals in your “Ice Breaker” speech. 
And this comparison to learn how to say it in French:
Votre discours peut adopter une approche humoristique, informative ou tout autre style qui vous plaît.
Your speech may be humorous, informational, or any other style that appeals to you.
As I read with attention in French, word by word and paragraph by paragraph, I got a new understanding for my next speech: I do want to give an Icebreaker in French! For the moment, I do not know where I will be able to do it, but I will find a way to go through a whole path in French! 
In fact, it is not a "must": one can speak in any language in a pathways speech and tell stories in clubs that understand it. 
Deeper and more attentive reading, also made me realize, it is proposed to finish with a personal anecdote. And, there is no "make a point" as I seemed to remember it. Just "make it personal" and learn to organize and, different proposed rehearsal methods. 
"Commencez par vous présenter. Dans le corps de votre discours, communiquez les informations que vous souhaiteriez que les autres membres connaissent sur vous. Concluez avec une anecdote amusante ou intéressante qui a trait à votre désir de devenir un meilleur orateur et un meilleur leader. 
Si vous avez déjà prononcé un discours bris de glace, concentrez-vous sur vos objectifs pour votre parcours actuel."
And this one, I did not read with enough attention either!
"Écoutez votre évaluateur, soyez courtois et ouvert aux commentaires. Remerciez votre évaluateur et prenez en compte tous les commentaires lorsque vous préparez votre prochain projet et votre prochain discours. Après la réunion, posez des questions à votre évaluateur pour clarifier tout élément que vous n'avez pas compris. Parlez à votre mentor pour obtenir des commentaires supplémentaires que vous pourrez utiliser dans des discours futurs"
Use the feedback given for your future speeches! Already there, even before the next one, specific to feedback..
All this realised, understood and now I will be able to explain it better, because... a pal needed a French Icebreaker!


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