23 Feb 2018

Taste your first Project, Break the Ice!

I hope, all of you reading this blog, have already "done" it: Tasted the Break the Ice offered by Toastmasters.org on the bottom (almost the bottom) of their Pathways/more page. It is almost the "real" first Project, named (or misnamed as it is at the beginning of all Paths not only the first) "Icebreaker". 

It is available already to all of us, and it is the first "must" project in every paths. 

Pathways Icebreaker is "more": it takes a new member by the hand, explains navigation, contains video, gives also to all of us a taste how much info you will get each time we will begin a new project. A lot of advices and not only for new toastmasters, but interesting to read, experiment and think for veteran toastmasters too. 

Take from it the advices you like. Ponder, think, reflect of the others.

I will never look in a mirror when I rehearse! And I write down my speech, only after is rehearsed in my head and eventually even recorded. To make the difference between a written story and a told story: not the same.

Great advices about how to balance the "learned" embedded beginning, and the more flexible, rehearsed by parts middle, to remain authentic! 

Deliver it in a club meeting, ask to be evaluated with the Pathways Evaluation sheet given to your Evaluator, before the meeting, and as usual, asking for what to look specifically. In plus, this is the only speech that "counts" even if the Pathways did not arrive to you yet. When it will, you can make it "count" it and not have to deliver it again.

Hint: you do not have to login to try it out. Prospective members can also arrive there and 'taste it'. Did you? I hope none of you reading my blog posts will answer "not yet" : Here a direct Link again.

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