12 Feb 2018

Popular Posts, Places and Paths

Who reads this blog and why? 

I started it 9 month ago as a Pathways project, and from 8 posts now are more then 200, as I did since then write day by day. 
The most popular post that each time a new Region launches Pathways is read again and again - and perhaps even between just before choosing a new path, is HOW to choose a path? 

What is different between Pathways and the program many used these last years, is the third most read. In a few images explains what we try to convey in an hour when visiting club after club. Of course, the "most read" varies month after month. 

Who reads them from where? That varies too, but here is when I look at 9 month.
I am still dreaming of the locations I have never visited. I have lived in US, and I live in UK now. Visited Canada, Germany and Ireland. But India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand have only one things in common for me: I have in each of them Online Toastmasters friends. The only one I did not got till I begun Pathways were pals from Singapore! Now I do have them too and reading the blog and accomplishments of one of them. Other countries are also in a longer list, or in the monthly lists. 

This morning I updated a little, adding some of my latest experience the post Before you chose a path, different from How to chose a path. How so? In how to chose I concentrate in all the different texts and PDF available to you to study all the paths. In the "Before you choose" I do concentrate just at the Projects that really make the difference between path and path. They are called REQUIRED projects, I would say, only THREE required project are different from path to path, and make each SPECIFIC. 

Of course, other projects in level 1 (all same) and level 2 (almost same) are also Required but as they do not differ from each other they are not important to the choice we make. In plus, I found out that between those 3 that make the difference, in three paths there is one similar to each, and in 2 path there is another one. 

What makes a Path really different is also what you choose once you are in between all the wonderful Elective Projects available from Level 3 to Level 5. But there is more! 

Once I went to the discovery of my first path, project by project, I had all those available to me to look into, open and read, save or print, even after I finished them. 
That was the second draft, at third we took out most of the text from the flyer added it separately.

At my third path, I got a suggestion from Paul that worked wonderfully for both of us, also on different path, him and me: we did choose a THEME! Go through all your path, all your speeches with a GOAL in mind. For us that time it was TELLING PERSONAL STORIES and their importance. At the end, we organized together a Storytelling Event between many Storytelling clubs, onsite and online meeting together! 

I discovered, or we discovered together, that we can dedicated a path to whatever we want to make from it! It took almost five month, and we finished the project and our paths too. Of course, on the way we did learn also specific skills, achieved on the path the specific prescribed goal also, but had so much more joy! 

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