7 Feb 2018

After club visits, Pathways Guide's Virtual Support Session

Personally, I did not have yet a lot of experience in Virtual Support Sessions. The one I assisted was not as useful to me as I hoped, because the Guide was still learning too. In my UK district, we will just begin soon. 

Today, I was send Chapter 9 in a Pathways Guide Journey, a blog post from Australia. They did launch beginning of December. The VSS are in full swing, and a Trainer Trains. So well! I begun to read about her other Support Sessions, she succeeds to make them interactive. With wonderful slides, she provides later through her Area FB page.

Here is how she shows what the Assessment (and all answers are shown before) suggested her, and what she did select. Blue and orange rectangles augment our understanding! Carole McCulloch added visual clues to the screen shot! 
Note to myself: Julie learn how to do this! Once you do, can repeat easier next time.

In another post, speaking about the Completion of a Level, and it's approval by the Base Camp Manager, she observes how the next level changes as soon as the level before is approved. The two next images are also borrowed from Carole blog.
Before completion of Level 1 or it's approval, this is how we see the next level projects
After the level was approved, suddenly the projects are ready to be opened. Launch means that that one was already read at least part of it. Activate means that those projects were not yet opened even once. 

Remember: after the Icebreaker you can work and finish INSIDE a level in ANY ORDER. For example, could Activate Introduction to Mentoring and make a speak about the time you were a "protégée" as they call now the "mentee" before the Project in top. 

So much to learn! Not only from a Project or a Level, but from each other! 

Pathways reinvigorated, is reinvigorating the whole Toastmasters community. Some, true, only to complain "why we change?" or "why we do not change in different ways?" but a lot more of us sharing ideas and sharing "how to" with each other. Passing from Australia to London, from London to Vancouver, suddenly really uniting the Toastmasters Community from all over the globe! 

Blogs contribute to it as much as Facebook or YouTube or Zoom meetings. All is to decide which one works in what occasion and combine (blend) them. I am reading a book about "more then blended training" more about it in a later post. 

That is yet another plus I got: research on a subject, in this case "Instructional Designer" did bring me a lots of books on the subject, and one of them is opening new horizons for me now. I am reading chapter by chapter through my Kindle and writing in my notebook some of my findings. 

My horizon is expending. 

Most of what I read can be applied to the new Pathways Educational Program. 

For example, Video Gaming tricks applied for Instruction. Many under 50 y age grew with them - are the Levels of increasing difficulty and that you can not get to the other without having finished! For Youngers, Levels of increasing difficulty are normal. 

Another thing inherited from Video Games are the online Badges and different awards coming faster to keep the enthusiasm up. All used in the these and find it normal. That is why it is there in the LMS - learning management systems, we inherited in Pathways.https://toastedtraining.wordpress.com/2018/02/07/ch9-pearls-of-guidance/

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