14 Jun 2019

Manage Change

Manage Change, Dynamic Leadership Level 4 required project. It could not have come better for me now! 

Repost of a post from 16 3. 2018. 

So many changes around me, I just have to decide which will I undertake, plan, initiate and lead for now.
So I begun. I activated then later launched the Manage Change project, and studied it again. Surprise! It contains all about the Change that the Visionary Communication does, and some! The difference? Perhaps, because I understand it better. Or, as all is in one place. As all our lives we do manage change and transitions it is never enough to think and try some new things about it!
This is one of the important messages we get in this project, not a lot was about it in my whole "change" path, VC - or I did not listen to it enough then? How to handle it, and what to do, some very useful advices over many pages in the project.
Communicate directly one to one, when it is necessary to understand and explain best.
Acknowledge individual differences in coping with transition. So many ways we feel! But yes, I would also add, while listening to all, do not spend too much time with the most vehement opposers, not leaving time for those who will be your best allies. 
The project is not so difficult but it opens so many thoughts for me. Specially now.

The most important lesson perhaps from the project is that bit of data that I did separate from its image.

Give ownership of the change, take their input, keep the communication open, input their suggestions.

Give them opportunity to "identify problems and allow them to offer solutions". As we feel we are part of it and that we can shape it: all changes!

At the same occasion, I remembered changes in my life. Changes I hated, some I loved. But changes do not come easy most of the time, even when on the long they are beneficial to us. 
As usual, I begun a new path while waiting for the Level 4 to gel. Icebreaker given, perhaps I could even repeat it, as I decided to dedicated a path to Photography. At the same time, to convey by personal stories how when we are at bottom and have to choose a new direction, - not the one we planed - can lead us to some wonderful changes in us and our lives.

Or should I use for it my French Path? The projects are in French, but it seems, I could speak about them in any language? Look: I did not give even the Icebreaker!
This was a decision I took fast, I will not regret it! I could even write my speeches in French in my French blog then give them in English wherever I can. Speeches about photography and my life would fit indeed even better in my French blog! 

I can still record the speech in English and publish it too. Images speak. They speak even better when some words or a story added to them. 
Days without front teeth? Tragedy! But the problem seemed so much bigger to me as it was! as the shadow on my wall told me. 

Use it? "Three front teeth missing? So cute! When you are 7 years old, not 77!" a comedy line that worked. And here are the 7 years old girls so cute indeed without!  Later, when I was in cast, or just out of cast, I added to my line: "At least you do not have to walk on them as on my broken feet!" 

Indeed, there are changes and changes in the life and a lot depends how we look at them. How we manage to embrace them and then shape them the best. 

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