24 Jun 2019

Mark Snow about his Pathways experience

Mark Snow, first Pathways DTM explains his journey and along the hour answers many questions and show how we can gain from it. A Toastmaster rediscovered the Video of Fabiola workshops, and posted it today. I did assist as you will discover at the end, but almost forgot. Click on his name to get to the YouTube video. It is not the first time, I wrote and published (search) but always a joy.

Here link to the video.

We worked together, in fall just before Pathways was launched in Australia coordinating what we will both tell to the guides, to be complementary and later, he wrote an article about me in the district magazine.

I did always recommend his Pathways Companion booklet, pdf he shares so freely.

At the time of this was aired, he already finished the first ten path, learning from all and preferring the same Visionary Communication we both took on as our first. And learned from each path something different. As I understand something new each time I listen.

What is special about the Pathways Educational system? We learn by doing. Not just doing speeches.

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