16 Jun 2019

Profile ! New Features for Pathways

First, I went to the Toastmasters.org then I Logged in with name and password: my computer remembers them, from all my devices, I just have to click "login".

Inside Macintosh laptop and within Safari browser, I usually click on Welcome Julie to then click on Enrolled in 11 path or Go to my transcript, that leads me directly to my paths. I have only 9 from which 6 finished, "Proficient" but Toastmasters considers both a Manual path (that I did not finish) and the French path, which is double a different path. I paid for them, indeed.
As you can see I Achieved Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, indeed 10 times, but level 4 only 7. Still three Level 4 to finish before me.

Back to the first picture. Suddenly, I discovered three new possibilities INSIDE my Profile ! Direct to The Navigator, before I had to go and discover where it is to open and show it. Direct to Choose a New Path, for a while I will not need that, I am waiting for a new path and to finish my levels.

Most important, Go To Basecamp with new features!

I can change from my Profile, what Club I want to name my base club. 
Here you can see the clubs I can choose from to login as Member.

I can decide to log in as Base Camp Manager instead as member, just by a click in the small box and yes, even perform from where I arrive my BCM duties - on any device.

From iPhone, have to choose the small lines leading to Profile then only the three choices appear one under the other.

But they work!

I did go to base camp from my iPhone and was able to perform all my duties, even view the videos provided.

Alas, as Member, if I got in, I could not read all my Project nor go to the next page, nor answer to self evaluations. That feature is not yet available from a mobile phone, at least, not from mine.

One day...

What would be really important, that we do not discover it by chance, all what is new should be announced somewhere. Even if they are "small" improvements.

As for me, I believe this is a great one!

Next Toastmaster year I am Secretary, in more then one club, and as secretary also Base Camp Manager.

Logging in and verifying fast if anyone waiting for me to approve their level with be a breath now. Logging then out and entering as a member, or, if the member wants it, going to Leadership Central and Club Central, choosing the club and declaring that members Award.

Of course, if we are wanting to read study or save a project, the Go to my Transcript is still there under the three rectangles.

On my Computer, the Welcome Name is there, on telephone, I have to go through the three small lines and choose Profile first: both lead to the same place.

If you did not study yet The Navigator, it is time to do it, now.


Roxienne Albertina, DTM said...

Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing Julie��

Roxienne Albertina, DTM said...

Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing Julie🤗