15 Jun 2019

Research and present - June 2017 VC

Level 1 Research and Present. Click to see it in Vimeo, where I saved it two years ago. Visionary Communication, given to Firebirds Collective Online club.

On second thought, I thing this version is the rehearsal, before telling it to the online club.

I do not think I have published it yet in this blog. What seems interesting to me is that I continued the same research, for two years, while going through projects, levels, paths.

While performing my duty of Pathways Ambassador then later, Pathway Guide. Discovering more about pathways and the problems inherent to Ending, Transition and New Beginnings.

Here is a link to the blog post I wrote after delivering it, with more details about the books and my research done then, in May 2017. With the video of my delivery in the club, recorded by zoom and uploaded to YouTube this time.

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