19 Jun 2019

Assignments, different from “give a speech”

Having finished 6 path, I am now on four more. As I arrived in all to Level 4 or 5, all more involved projects, it is not so easy. I also am now or will be from 1st of July, Secretary in all my clubs.

 This is the Assignment I will finish tonight, giving a speech about passing roles in the committee.

 We did the succession plan meeting a week ago.

I got my own succession, and in other clubs passed on my succession from President to the new one.

I asked and got 360 degree evaluation about my 6 month, in fact a whole year role.

Now, all remains is deliver 5-7 minutes on my personal experience.

Do you realize now the difference between an old system speech and a Project speech, after finishing all the Tasks “Assignments given in Pathways?

 Here is another path and Project, ameliorate your Social Media Présence, or establish one. It is also a long assignment. I already am on the way to have completed the tasks,

Will be able to d liver a speech how I did it. What else may do. 5-7.

In my case, combining Moderating the Pathways Discussion Group on pathways and my daily Blog about my Pathways Experience.

Combining them, I did achieve a good Social Media Presence lately.
This Project, is the shortest to prepare, relatively, yet the longer in club meeting. Needing 20 minutes of overall time from a club meeting.

I believe, this three examples show the gap between “speech” in old sense and “task” as I call them or YOUR Assignment, as it is written on the Section of the Project.

Of course, it is normal, natural that higher we go in Level, the Projects get more involved. In this three cases, I choose Level 4 and Level 5 Elective projects they are before me to illustrate what I wanted. But the Level 1 Evaluation and Feedback is also a case, containing two speeches and an Evaluation role, in three different meetings.

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Pilar Cama said...

More than speeches: setting a positioning in social media, be aware of the target group needs and write accordingly. Thanks, Julie, to your learning spirit 💕