21 Jun 2019

New education for adults, using new tools

Why change our education system ? How to use best the new tools we have? Two books about which I already wrote a bit, come out again. Both by Cleave Shepherd written years later. This is his first. I understood the second better after I read this, giving bases. Both offre, together a better understanding Why Pathways and how.

Besides the expression Blended Learning, or "more then blended", there is alto the use of Flipped classroom. Prepare and read home, then come and discuss face to face (or online) with all or with the teacher. Our Toastmasters meetings go more and more in that direction.

We read online the Projects on our own pace, and all the different material provided or what we find in plus, then only go to meetings, deliver and discuss what we found. Then reflect on all the process. 

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