27 Jun 2019

Again we can access a lot through Welcome!

For a few days, Choose a New Path through the Welcome Julie (after login) was wrong and finally it come back, as it was initially. Unless we click on the small white box, we choose for ourselves, we access to basecamp and can change before the club if we have more. we can choose the Navigator language also. I really hope, in the future, all changes are Notified to us, and we do not have to discover them by chance.

Today was also the last day of me as President: I am relieved. I was the third President of Witty Storytellers club, now on to forth and to our 4th year of existence. How the time passes!

The baton was passed.

Last minute alas, a plane was delayed, a mother had problems in the hospital, and a daughter needed presence. We all have private lives, that take precedence.

We also have alas three toastmasters on the roll who paid but did not come for long time. But we had three guests.

We begun with memories and finished with jokes, humor about us or other kind. Laughing.

Interesting: all three storytellers spoke from different levels of Embracing Humor path!

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