7 Jun 2019

You have cataract! Really?

When I arrived to London from Paris, the occultist told me "you have cataract"! I did not believe him. At first. But slowly, I realized, I could not even see the number on the bus arriving at station.

First try for a Podcast, Level 4 assignment is a total of one hour. Here are 4 minutes. The story is ok, about a huge change in my life, but I stumbled from time to time while telling it into zoom. Still, perhaps not too bad for a first podcast?!
I can't add podcast only to this blog, so I have to do videos. But I also have an only audio recording of it. Recored through Zoom.

Real story, real personal story that I even told at the theatre! The small bottle was in my hand to show then. It is not a sad story, it is a "resolved one" where I emerge with a realization and happy at the end.

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