2 Jun 2019

Out of comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone, then it enlarges. True. One step at a time.

Not five!

Alas, I did exaggerated yesterday early afternoon, and suddenly all hurt. So, after midnight, I had a new speech. Telling my lessons learned! Pathways Projects, really help.

When I spend most of my days in or at least on the bed, and with my legs up, it is ok and needed to go out. First ten minutes, then 15 or twenty, then another day, 30, and so on.

Not like I did yesterday suddenly stay out more then four hours!

Yes it was exciting, the Greenwich Painted hall visit with my granddaughter and her mother, and we took lots of pictures too. Yes, it was exciting to go eat later at Greenwich Market entrance. And decide to exit at the other side of the market, admire the craftsmanship and speak with those who reacted them.

But to long, too much, is too much.

I was very tired at the end!

Plus, I got separated not only from those I was with but even my bag where was my money, bus pass, keys, everything. After a while, I asked the bus driver: she let me take the bus. I arrived home, not easy, but then I could not get in without my keys.

This night, my leg really hurt, plus I learned not to separate from my things. And created, instead of sleeping,  a new story. This one. Only I hope will be better when told.

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