20 Jun 2019

I did it! Helped a new member Choose a Path!

I had to take a cab to arrive to the last meeting of Lewisham speakers, but arrived early. 

Very happy of our new red big Lewisham display! Happy to meet our members, seasoned and many new, guests from other clubs, returning guests and new guest too.

Happy the two newest members were present: one near me and the other behind me. Mark did choose already a path, Motivation Strategies. Our President helped him, as I believe, online.

The last in our club still not in pathways, without a path, the only one in our club, joined two weeks ago. In the break, Jemma told me "I will visit you Saturday". She also asked me "What secretaries do?" She wanted to become my mentee in the club and, eventually my assistant.

Yes, I have given the speech I spoke about in yesterdays post: Lead your Voluntary organization. Was given round table evaluation by five, and later a written evaluation by one using the fillable evaluation form. 

But the most important for me was we did in the club meeting break, Jemma and me. She come to sit near me and I asked her "do you have your smart phone with you?" She showed me. "Let me show you how you Choose a Path through it". 

There are many ways to arrive to Assessment. All after we log in. It took a while for Jemma to remember which email she used to login to TMI but once there, the Welcome Jemma opened up.
Choose a new path did not work as we opened it, yesterday evening, but Gemma must have experimented already, she told me open it rather through "Pathways".

That is how it looks "the old way" from smart phone and bellow from my laptop
Either way, we get to be asked : Which Language and recommended to use the web path.

I did choose English for her, as her characters were big, it was under the rest of the text, a choice. Then, gave her back the phone and let her go through the many screens of the assessment. She had to click strong on Next, then got the next screens and questions.

I have to tell, they did not correct the program, and still recommend the IP as first option. We went to see under it the two other recommended path, and she choose Presentation Mastery. With one more click, she was "Pathways Enabled" ! 

The break was finished, but not only Jemma had now a path, and will give her Icebreaker first meeting of July, but will visit me this weekend too. And our club has now 20 members, all of us 100% Pathways Enabled. I was in clouds, yesterday evening.

The morning, I woke up, to read in the Pathways Discussion Forum, a Toastmaster written: "Choose a Path for yourself does not work" You can choose only for someone else. 

Fast, I wrote... but 6 hours ago we did choose one through smartphone! Then, to be sure, I tried out through my iPhone and my iPad. Later even my laptop. Alas, it works or does not work, depending. Perhaps TMI programmers are working on it, but it does not seem consistent this morning to me. I could not make this work this morning "old method on my computer".

Others told me "julie's method through Welcome Julie works this morning" - for me either, now.
I tried to choose club, before it works, but as you see the Choose a New Path, works only to select for someone other. Whenever they are working on it, we should be prevented!

We did change presidents, we had 4 very different good speeches, and one new member, so now we will be soon 21! Three Icebreakers next time, and I learned how to help take Assessment through mobile phone, relatively fast. When it works. It did work for us during the meeting!
This morning, I even uploaded the Feedback filled to my e-portofolio, and answered the Evaluate the project for toastmasters. I learned to do what I can, not to spend real time, or energy on being angry on what does not work... for the moment. Making best of the situation, and creating a post, describing it.

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