22 Jun 2019

Got past the Humor in Impromptu !

Hurrah! I made them laugh in my both answers. The first, not so difficult. The second was a catch but I did "flip it up, upside down": give a humorous Eulogy. I did offer my eulogy!

Some said was great, as all laughed, other said I was on the border but did not pass it. In fact, the border was, as another said, in their heads, now in what I actually said, as I took parts from my standup and made them milder... somewhat. I swear, I did not have any swear, 4 letter words in it!

After the two table topics, to which I got a lot of laughs, I can now go on to the Level 5 and prepare a 20 minute Keynote speech with humor in it.
Perhaps, speaking about how we in fact have all Funny Bones and just have to begin to use them, bringing back our childish selves.

Taking out a dusty not used black hat and a brown even older wig, was the first step for me, as I remained alone, again. All alone this time, my children no more with me.

Going swimming, after with my hair in the wind, the second. I then took some daring pictures, 3 and four here, and one with "bad days hair" which, to my surprise got the Best Autoportrait of 2005 on Flickr.

Showing my long nose, me with shaving cream, after the cataract operation or a difficult treatment of my front, a day when I did not have my three front teeth denture on and laughing, I did collect so many different "me" and put them together.

Humor is not a laughing matter, we have to experiment what goes and what not. And so much depends also on the audience! How far would YOU go to make others laugh?

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