8 Jun 2019

How many times may we repeat a story?

How many time we may repeat an event? The same event? As many time as possible! 

Each time we tell it the story is different. We can accentuate a certain aspect, so the audience will take out a different message from it. We could also tell some moments faster and shorter, and go into others longer, deeper. 

Not even the words can change but also our delivery. Today, I told the events of last Sunday with an accent to Voice Variety, which I choose as my Level 3 Elective in the Strategic relationship. First, I rushed to tell it Monday, and I was told "yeah, interesting, but your voice did not reflect it well". Rushing, is not good. Reflecting a bit is better.

From Monday to Saturday, I told that story in different ways to myself in different times.

Adding slides or going without any of them, or only one almost unrelated, showed today. 

Finally, today I got it right, but in 8 not 7 minutes, and I have so much more to say! 

Today, with this 2nd Elective in Level 3 of Strategic Relationship, I finished the Level.

Above is the certificate that the approved level let me print. And bellow, all my audience.
They liked today's VERSION of my story : my tribulations from last Sunday and what I learned from them. I did learn a lot. Now, ready to make different mistakes.
After I delivered my speech - for me it was a story - and got feedback on it, 5 different feedback even as it was a Facilitated Evaluation, I went back to the project and answered the Assess your Skills-After and submitted it. 

Here what come that confirmed me that I did tell the Basecamp "project finished". 
Finally, I could Activate, Launch then read a page and after, I am here asked to Mark Complete the Level. Alas, after Marking it Complete, the NEXT LEVEL is not yet open. A Base Camp manager has to approve it.

Wait! I am Base Camp manager in this club! I clicked on the GREEN ok, but nothing changed! I then realized there is one more SAVE to click on! Come back and here what I see.
View Certificate! Finally I got it!!! And the certificate I could view is on the top of this article, or blog-post. 

Now, finally I could open up the Level 4 and click on the next Required Project, specific to the Strategic Relationship. Read some first pages, but too tired to concentrate now. Will come back and read it with attention. It is a real or virtual PR project as if I were VP PR or his / her helper, with a team, and a speech how I see what I did or could do. 

Pathways is exciting for me! Not only allows me to progress and learn, but tell again and again, through different projects my stories. As I go to different clubs, to different audience, usually. Then perhaps, a day to some but in different ways.

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