17 Jun 2019

Samir at COT “Icebreaker, again?”

Samir Malak and me meet first at a Division Meeting I conducted at my home, after I broke my leg, with all the Area directors and their assistants. Then, he was an eager Assistant Area Governor. 4 or 5 years ago. 

Bellow is an one minute video from Saturdays, Area Officer training: alas I did not take more, from his 20 minutes. Too fascinated by his Pathways Presentation, which inspired me. His club in Bromley, is now number 1 in Pathways Awards in the District with all members enrolled too.

You can make it happen? Indeed.
So much Energy Samir Malak.

Sunday meeting online with toastmasters all over the world we met again at Firebirds Collective. Samir was one of the speakers and me, Table Topics Master. 
As you may see, in online meeting, we have occasion to meet toastmasters from all over the world! Yesterday, from Usa, UK, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Iraq, France.

Online meetings are one of the Electives now, but also lifeline to those as me who go out seldom.

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