Toastmasters, my experience

Toastmasters International

I discovered my first club in Maryland "Monument Toastmasters" Silver Spring in 1977, send there from a Single's Piano meeting, where almost all of us were women. "You want a place to meet mostly men, interesting men? Go to a Toastmasters Club!"

At that time, they just opened to women, slowly.

I did not meet my man in the club. Most of them were married. Well married. I learned to look in the eyes, stand up while I spoke, and to listen. Later, even to speak, in English.

Discovered again Toastmasters club, after I arrived in London from Paris. I felt alone, single again, but this time my goal was to have others listen to my personal tales. I found my tribe. There are more then 60 Toastmasters clubs in London alone. I become member of two in 2009, so each week I could go to one and have more occasion to speak.

Toastmasters lead to many roads.

For me, it was after a year, telling stories to paying audience, Spark London.
A year later, I begun to speak in Standup Comedy clubs. There are many in London. I was 77 y old.
Lately, I offer workshops about storytelling, others about humorous speaking, vent as far as Tallinn and Dublin to give them. But mostly, nowadays,

I discovered Online Clubs, where I can meet people from all around the world. Exciting experience!

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