1 Mar 2018

Inspire your audience!

Inspire your audience, is the 10th project, the culmination in the Competent Communication manual and a goal we all hope to achieve when we speak. Even if we do not get "competent" when we reach it, we have learned a lot on the way and we did get a lot better. 

Inspire your audience, is also one of my favorite videos in all path of the Pathways: an Elective Project. Even if you do not choose it: activate it and go through it! Enjoy its video, ponder the project suggestions.

"Gena, you could do better!"
She is so delightful, I looked a lot of times of that video.

Of course, beside a contest speech, it could be also an Icebreaker, she tells so much personal details about herself.

In an absolute delightful way.

While some videos in Pathways projects were made by professional actors, and I did not dig them a lot, as they have not their soul in it, Gena has!

All the "competencies" or skills you can learn about from this project. If, in my opinion, you do it over and over again. Once reading and once giving an inspirational speech, will not make you yet "competent" of course. It is a great start!

Indeed, that is what I always say: tell about your life events, personal anecdotes that are deep enough to reach many others.

Knowing your own story (history) helps your body language and to go into the moment, when it happened and take your audience with you. 

The speaker from the video does all that but in plus, it shows a long preparation, and many rehearsals too.

If I could, I would copy all the video in this blogpost for all your pleasure. 

Meanwhile, you have to patient, get through the two first levels, choose Inspire your audience, or speak to Inspire, and delight in it as I did.

Then, of course, I tried to give an inspirational speech, again. These days, about Pathways and how important it is not to wait. 

While the feedback said "you wandered a lot in left and right" the result was I did inspire! Two or three of the listeners begun Pathways right away! 

More I spoke about Pathways, more I found ways to inspire. 

Then, I learned that depending on the audience level, Guest, Beginner, Expert Speaker, my speech has to be different or contain different parts. Strangely, it is the guests and the beginners who are easier to be enthusiasts! Letting go of what we "used to do" for years is not always easy - unless you are fed-up with it and ready to try something new.

Sometimes, "remain an expert, being just one step ahead" works. For other, different strategies are needed. How can we help the newcomers, if we did not tasted it, tried it yet out? For more then two years we can do both, old and new. On the way, delight in videos like this one, from this Project, or the Storytelling project. 

Of course, there are more ways to inspire: by example, walking the walk, or is it walking the talk? Doing what you say to others to do. Whenever possible, I try.

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