31 Jan 2018

80% pathways club : Witty Storytellers Online !

I would like to know, how many clubs are already between so many existent word wide, whose members are already, Witty Storytellers Online is 80 % on Pathways already. 

I have dreamed to inspire others, after I begun 25 March 2017 my Pathways journey, ten month ago. Excited, I spoke about it, explained it in my club and other online clubs I am member or visited. All the while, Brian Dodd, our treasurer and also President of Firebirds collective, then of Great Communicators, and now still of Royal Road Toastmasters was with me. 

Let them POP UP! all the projects, tutorials are on a popup
As much as we did like the content, we had problems with user interface. He tried to speak with the programmers, tried to entice them in vain to see what is the problem on his computer. I found a computer guru, fellow GC remote member, who come to my computer all the way from Toronto! Matthew showed me what I had to do to CLOSE A PROJECT. And later, close my first Level, get the certificate. Looking at him working, I become an expert! 

Not in visiting other's computers, but understood what has to be done and how. As I always say, since, it is enough to be one step ahead. Zoom shared with Brian, and he allowed his popup to pop, closing his popup blocker. From then, we were two advancing in the Club. Then three and four and five. Sometimes, as VPE I invited specialists, other times my VP PR did it, and step by step, as dual (at least) and advanced toastmasters, more of us begun to use Pathways. Either Pathways come to their District or they joined, as me a remote access club already in Pathways Region. Some clubs, President were our members. Others became Guide, Technical Support for Pathways in their Region. 

Becoming 80% on Pathways was a Team work. I learned more of teamwork in Pathways, and practiced it in the club I am VPE, have been VPE from the day we created it.

Here is my story, told in an usual 5-7 minutes speech, ending my High Performance Leadership project from my path Effective Coaching. Well, almost ending it. Nothing was too easy with that path that I let lay and wait.

The HPL from Pathways, need only 2 in the committee and a few in the team, but at the end, needs at least one 360 degree 6 page formulary filled by at least one in each of them. Have send it to a few of them and now waiting for them to have time to fill it.

Let me tell you, again, the Effective coaching begun 9 month ago, is not my preferred path. But I am now on level 5 and have other three finished.

For level 5 of EffCoach I also have to organize a Panel. It is decided! It will be: Storytelling Tips. 

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