4 Nov 2017

6 month since we begun our journey together!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You came to this blog, from the 4th May 2017 from all this countries so many times. Here, only the 10 with biggest numbers are shown.

I dream of all this countries from all over the globe!

As the rollout arrived to another region, more and more from there discovered my blog, and I believe come back to read it.

The stats, do not say if 330 come from India, or 100 three times.

I also found stats about what was used to reach this blog and it is surprising. It also tells me I did chose the good blog template that can be read, even if it does not look exactly the same in many devices.

What I do find interesting, is that the iPhone is 20% used for reading this blog, overall, but when I looked at the stat for last month, suddenly the iPhone jumped up before the window systems.

But most important info: you can read this blog from any of your devices, and you do!

Personally, I write it on my Macintosh laptop, and some times, but not often on my iPad. But I did look at it also on iPhone. The choice is yours, and when reading in a smaller device, perhaps you can not do research. Possibly I could try to put that on the top instead on the side. As well the list of ten most read posts.
All time most read posts, their list is also interesting for me, even more as I am still thinking to take them one by one and make a short video around them. 

To celebrate this 6 month anniversary of Pathways Experience, here is also my last certificate, and as of yesterday, when we did a great Panel, me moderating this time, I am not only 1 project away (Reflect on your Path) for finishing the Presentation Mastery.

Here it is how it looks now. This path was not an easy journey! It was the first I have chosen, but because I did not have at that time a printer, I decided, after a few projects, to buy... instead of the printer, which I did buy later at any way, to buy a Printed Path. If you read my posts 6 month ago, I waited and waited, and as was discovered 2 ½ month later, there was a miscommunication, and did not get it.

As I did pay full 45 dollars, and it was less then a month, I could change path, and I asked to change my web free path to Visionary Communication. That path was a joy from the beginning! And the decisions I made "Research and present" proved to guide me all along, and to this day, I still continue to use the results of that research about Transition Periods and Pathways. Yes, inside and outside Toastmasters!

When finally I got Level 1 and 2 of Presentation mastery, I was happy: it was nicely bound. But by that time, I did have my own printer, and discovered I can print and read any of my projects in a few seconds, or minutes even recto verso, then I did buy binders and they looked really well. And at the end of any level, did not have to wait. When I received Level 3 without all the "electives" (programs that we can select from) only two "elected for me" and with hints to go read other projects not present and not accessible, I got angry. 

Yes, I dropped the Printed copy and I paid 20 dollars more to go online! I finished my path online, and now I just have to find a way to speak about this with humour. Mocking myself for all the wrong choices I made for all the wrong reasons.

At the beginning, I did not imagine, I would like better Visionary Communication, all about Change, then Presentation Mastery, all about speaking as a Pro in Public. I did love some great required speeches in PM, but some of those are also present in other path as "electives"! I learned through all also an old adage so true: Do not judge a book by its cover.

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