12 Nov 2017

Demo : Get Feedback, Incorporate it, then Give Feedback

Ralph Smedley innovation, more then 100 years ago was in the Constructive Criticism from pears, not teachers. That is the fundament of all Toastmasters meetings, as well as self evaluation. The project Feedback and Evaluation, just after the Icebreaker, explains in itself (that is my way to do it) why Pathways Education System brings us to an other level of learning, understanding and doing.

All this is helping only if we really give specific feedback that can be applied to the next speech and if the speaker does apply it to the next (or same), improved speech given. We did hear it but not really do it. In this Pathways project that comes just after the Icebreaker, it is explained, applied, done, through 3 different tasks in three different, as much as possible consecutive meetings. 

All path have the same project, and as go from path from path, we do understand it better and apply it more naturally.

Carole was a perfect foil to this demo and towards to end she said "So much better then the previous program!" Now, I understand. And then, decided to show inside Base Camp also to the other Guides from Australia. Which I did a few weeks later. 

Memories... I was just finishing my Presentation Mastery, when we recorded this Zoom screen sharing, Carole send it to me, and here it is now. By now my PM path is finished: it seems I am between the 5 first having finished 2 path.

When we had this meeting through Zoom, Carole from Australia and me from England, I was still on Level 1 of the Leadership Development. When I demonstrated to the Guides, later on, I was on Level 3 already, finishing one of the two elective projects, and could demonstrated that part. As we go through levels, of course the "level of difficulty and their length to prepare increases." And achieving them takes longer.

But we got the tools, we got to use the tools, and then we can speak of them or using them go farther. Some projects, I have a huge pleasure to repeat again and again.

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Canadian Dodd Family said...

I am holding myself back, because I am developing three presentations about being a base camp manager. I will be transferring to a club in my time one. I will keep you posted on my progress.