14 Nov 2017

At the beginnings: how my Vision developed?

We are in a huge Transition period in Toastmasters International, as I was when 25. I begun to study in my first level first path, Visionary Communication, the relationship between Pathways and Transition. Even as I finished the path, some of my achievable goals achieved, I did continue. Still do continue. My goal was and still is in every way I can: Help the Transition from Legacy program to Pathways. Make it easier, speak about it. Make my passion and knowledge known in any ways I can and that depend on me.

The first steps can influence what how we go farther, they did influence me as you will hear. But as this image and the saying is, every path can lead us to unexpected discoveries and roads.

"No one steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man." 

I still stand by this speech recorded some month ago, but would express it now differently. I am sure, you will be able to tell also, why did you got into and what did you find in itI mean the path you chose and into toastmasters.
Julie from Witty Storytellers Online, London and Brian Dodd from Royal Roads Victoria, BC in a discussion when he was the Toastmaster.

As we go through the Pathways program and our Toastmasters Journey we change. 

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