29 Nov 2017

Panel moderator / Panelist

Team leader, team member? They could not exist without each other! Each panel needs a Moderator and a few Panelists.

Each storyteller needs audience to which to tell. The Listener is very important. In a storytelling event, when all goes well, listener is so absorbed: does not have time to observe, analyse, just goes with the flow.

When reading the Panel Moderator Project, I realised it asked me also to volunteer as Panelist, even if, it was written, you do not get "credit" for it. Do we work to get credit, or to learn? For me the later, the most often. Can we learn being in the panel, being part of a team? I am finding out: a lot!

While the Panel Moderator is the one most 'seen' leading her or his team, the Moderator also does a lot preparing. The Panelist is there to contribute with the knowledge the audience of the Panel need. Ready not only to introduce one part of the expertise, special to her, but also to answer the questions conveyed to her through the Moderator.

First, I created a Panel on Zoom, I did not know much about, as the project said. My panelists, knew a lot more and each told, as I asked a story about it. Then the audience asked questions. My second Panel, and third was about Pathways with different Panelists leading to diversified answers for different audiences. You understood, by now, I have got the Panel bug.

Then, I was asked to be part of the panel, of course I said "yes": till now already twice. Each time, I learn, observing the different ways each Panel Moderator prepares its Team, its Panelists. More general, or more detailed, there is no "the right way". How much freedom you let others, how much preparation of details, how you "prepare" or not the questions the audience may ask, on the spot or send before.

I did now know till now, how complicated can be and how detailed or general, also, I did read an excellent kindle book on the issue. Without being a Member of a Team, a Member of a Panel, I would not learn enough. In it's wisdom, those who wrote the Moderating a Panel Project, knew.

Perhaps, being part of a Team is better suited to me then leading a Team?

I love to be "part" as I never was much in my life. But do I know enough how to? For sure, I will try to do as much as I can to be part of the Pathways launch in my home district. Still to be determined, exactly what role I will have in it, but the important is to be there when needed. How it is needed. By whom is it needed.

The Panel Discussion, is coming tomorrow early morning, 6 AM London time, at the time of the usual meeting of Witty Storytellers Online, lead by the President of the club. We are many Panelists this time and it will pass too fast to be sure. It will remain a memory, for all present and a recording will remain too. Better be present, it is a whole different experience, even when there will be at least two different recordings, also showing different views of the same event.

I was very happy when one of the participants wrote me: "I heard about the Pathways Discussion Forum Facebook group, from your blog." If you go now, you could still get into the Pathways Panel "live" not only through its recording. Michelle Alba-Lim assembled an interesting and diverse panel.

The difficulty for me will be to say "all" from my experience in 2 to 3 minutes! Taking out essence of it, some that is more "me" then the others "domain" is a great challenge to face. And together with all those interesting panelists! Of course, I did not even finish to tell about my experience in all these 200+ last blogposts! And a lot more to come. As I go along, I discover and understand more of what 'was' or 'will come' even if Magda Van Rooyen as remembered me in her wonderful Pathways Icebreaker "Que sera, sera" : I do believe also in fate. Then, we take charge.

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Magda said...

Julie is starting this blog by contrasting different roles and putting emphasis on the importance of each.
Team leader – team member
Panel moderator – panellist
Storyteller – audience.
After I thought about this for a while, my next questions was: “so what?”
What is Julie trying to tell me? Is this blog about being a team member or a team leader?
A number of paragraphs later, I got it. Julie said: “I love to be ‘part’ as I never was much in my life.”
Then I realise that Julie is talking about these unique mini communities, be it a team, panel discussion, speaker or any other role.
More importantly… Julie is asking what her role should be.
In all of this Julie is also contrasting information with wisdom.
The vehicle for this is her discussion of the requirements of panel discussions.
My next question was: “Julie what is the difference between information and wisdom, taking into account that you are writing for an “Pathways” audience?”
I did find your answer in the following: “, volunteer even if there is no credit, learn more by taking opportunities (in her case being involved in panel discussions) and being present (in the moment).
This blog clearly illustrates what Julie is thinking about being part of Pathways, therefore also Toastmasters and even life.
Thank you Julie for a great blog.