6 Nov 2017

Reflection on my choices

Never to late! Yes, it took me some time to finish the Presentation Mastery, which was my first choice. But yesterday, I did finish it! And here are the reflections, reflections on my first two paths, now finished both.

Other reflections will follow Tuesday. Yes, I did learn so much during this seven month! This one is for my pals who chose the theme of day Relax, as in US they changed time just this night; gained one hour.

Looking at this picture, I see how much also my stage presence online improved lately. And all that without even thinking other then at the audience and the story of my life last seven month.

Can one tell seven month in 12 Minutes? Only some chosen parts. The other parts yes, Tuesday will tell. The two will relate a more rounded tale. Looking back level to level, path to path. A pleasure. If it was possible, I could speak one hour! Perhaps, I will try it, with the proper audience.

I did promise Paul's images and tell you about them, I got permission from him. It will be a day later. I was reserve speaker, I did prepare, but not sure I could speak.

Brian's feedback: he always ask me to stand up! Not knowing how difficult just standing on my left leg is for me. So, I sit, like all. Just going a bit farther gives me possibility to use my hands and fingers. Authentic, without rehearsed movements. 

As for volume? First he tells me too much up and down. Then to go lower and higher. Well, I did learn a lot of things in this seven month, or, from June when I finally received the first Presentation Mastery. One thing I did not really learn yet: accept gracefully feedback. 

At least, I did not tell him anything, at the meeting. But I really love... all the wonderful positive things he told about me! And his wishes for me. Brian is a very good buddy, and we do like each other. He is speaking from Virgin Islands near Vancouver, Canada. I from London, and our Toastmaster for the meeting spoke from South Africa. Almost all the attendees to the meeting today were from different place from New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Scotland, and North America too. It was a great pleasure to speak to my pals from all over the world. 

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