15 Nov 2017

Evaluation remains important in Pathways

The club meeting does not change, we will continue to have the usual parts,
  • Prepared speeches (from our Path, Levels, Projects) 
  • Evaluation of those speeches (Verbal and written)
  • Table Topic part 
  • Evaluation of all with a role and not yet evaluated
Of course with the usual opening, closing, if needed business part and asking guests feedback.

In my opinion, the most change is how we prepare a speech. 
How much we spend in a project to learn. 
How much we can apply what we learned. 
      And yes, many times, not just once for this speech. 

We do not read the project to be able to make a speech in Pathways, at least I do it to discover, to learn something new: it is just an icing on the cake, many times. Other times, the speech is a demonstration that we did learn what the project did teach us (Voice Variety for example) and/or a research lead. 

It exist even a "Generic Evaluation Form" that can be used for any speech... I did not use it yet. But all the evaluation forms begin with this three General Comments.

For the second page you give points and add shorter comments
In the specific projects, one to three questions in plus are added, specific to the project

A third page explains the details of what is expected and meant by Clarity, Audience Awareness, etc. That third page, I offered a few times to an evaluator not yet in Pathways : they were so happy!

So much more to say about the evaluations, forms, how to find them, what to do with them. Just one more observation: they are for US and not for control. Base camp does not look or control them, as I did believe at the beginning. No one but us can see our private e-portofolio where we can upload them. 

Can anyone see our badges? 

Here are my badges today : yesterday I completed and was awarded the 4th Level 2... badge. Here the badges are in the order I got them, the last one first. Not long ago I finished the Presentation Mastery path, that is the "Proficient" for instead of Level 5. And look! My first ever badge Collaborative attributed to me by a Toastmaster I did help in need, at his beginnings. Or is it for more?

I am now on to go farther and in the third level of Effective Coaching path. Today, I will offer a speech from Connecting with Storytelling in my London club that I have to prepare also for a storytelling event. I will print the three pages of the Evaluation as I have no idea yet who will give me the feedback. 

Other new for Pathways we can request feedback and even written from more then one Toastmaster. Rare, but sometimes I did ask someone who did not give me an oral feedback, to write also one. And of course, my pal, my friend, often writes me long letters about my last delivery and content, too. Sometimes, explaining your intent, telling what and how could improve a story, explaining what is around but we did not say, can make us next time create a lot better one. 

I did learn a lot and I do like to learn, but I realised yesterday, again, how much more I still have to learn. I am grateful that I can learn through Pathways projects and their delivery and continue my journey in the huge Toastmasters tribe and community. 

I do not have all the answers, and today, I realised for example, that I did fill an Evaluation Form with a lot of pain and problem, then miraculously, the second was so easy to fill! It is too late now, but tomorrow I will have to try again: what caused this difference.

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