13 Nov 2017

Enjoy the journey! Poh Kim Siong does.

I woke up this morning, and looked through Facebook images and posts, then stopped. "Reflection on my journey" with a photo of one of the readers of this blog, Poh Kim Siong. 
Kim is also, as I  found out, one of the guides from Singapore who begun to work on it from June. Here is what Kim wrote, showed and told today in Facebook :

"Best Moments - Pathways learning journey is filled with excitement, interesting encounters and sharing experience with others.

The three lessons that I have benefited from it:

1) embracing the changes.
2) leading by example.
3) sharing the learning experience with others.

Together we can learn, grow and experience the Pathways programme.

You just need to take a first step to start."

And at the meeting, he did show a Competent Communication Manual, comparing the Legacy system with the new. Later, we got into contact and he told me then from time to time he was inspired by this blog. He also inspired me. 

I do love blogging, I do love sharing, I do lead by example, as he suggest. I try to embrace change each time possible, and for sure I did embrace Pathways Educational Experience that offered to me as I felt, almost a new life and new friends.

I do love blogging, and dreaming of all the places from where you all come to read this blog, now the visits are up and over 20 000. I love when you comment or write me, and was so happy with this note I got from Ping Lee :

Getting Proficient in two path, in seven month or eight, was a nice feeling, but so much more important to get new friends, to be able to inspire someone!

Yes, I am confident, but still, I do like to hear someone likes what and how I am writing. That makes me wake up with joy and plot the following post. "What will I be writing about now?"

In fact, these days, it is more difficult for me not to pick up more then one subject, and as I learned from Kim's blog, use only one theme at a time. I also decided, to put only three post on a page. When you go all the way down, to the third post bottom, the "Newer Post" and "Older post arrows appear, taking you to where, I hope, want to go. 

It does not tell you the titles, that is in the Archives and in the Most Visited posts only, but lets navigate.

I also switched to Blogger Comments: that leaves comments inside the blog, and not on Google +, where, let me admit, I do not go often. Google wants also to take over my photos, ask me what to do with a deleted one, and worst, capture - instead of Dropbox - all my screen dumps. For days I wondered "Where they had gone?" Now, I found them and I do not like, this change. Finally, today I found how to opt out of it. So, you see, I do not like all the changes. And yes, when we get the feeling that the change is pushed on us...

So that it is! We have to show that it is not pushed: it is offered. Show why and how it is better. Then more could embrace it, instead of being upset. Transition period managing is a delicate matter. Tomorrow, more about that subject.


Canadian Dodd Family said...

WOW! Today our Hybrid non-Pathways club at Royal Roads Toastmasters, not only had visitors from all around the world, we had two Pathways Presentations one from New Zealand and one from Vancouver Island. Then from Hong Kong an eye-opening presentation on how to use your iPhone as a presentation device. Thank you, Julie, for coming today. We look forward to you coming to give us another of your Pathways Presentations about Pathways at our Monday Noon Online Meeting later this month.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

indeed, I will give another Pathways Presentation inspired by the title of that from this post.
And before, next week, I will give feedback to another pathways presentation at Royal Roads.