7 Nov 2017

Presentation Mastery Proficient, almost missing now

Yesterday morning, it was still bellow. And this morning, it feels as if I miss it, it is only...
The Presentation Mastery Project disappeared, it is between the "completed" path.

It can be retrieved, if needed. So, I am also "Presentation Mastery Proficient", even if I still think, that as with the CC, we do not become Competent Communicators yet, that is true also with Proficient. And it requires a long work and time, repeating and insisting to become one in either of them.

This morning, I found this.

It feels almost "empty" also I still have my two next projects. Only the Leadership Development, come lately, the Effective Coaching attends in turn from long long time. And now, I will slowly begin also my first part of the Pathways Mentor program, that has many projects, like a path.

There is something new I observed, in the Base camp. How long was it there? Perhaps it was, but they were to many open projects that confused me.

I do not have to open any more the "My Educational Transcript box"!
I can access my path clicking directly on the box above the one I want to work on now.

It is still called "My Educational Transcript" but one click on the Effective Coaching and it is there. 
Should it be true? The user interface begun to improve! Hurrah. 
Or was it always there and only I did not realise it? A mystery. A good mystery for me.

Love makes you overlook small annoyances: no one can be perfect! Still do not understand why if I click on the folder like box it does not work in my e-portofolio, and have to click on the text near it. On my computer, when I click on a folder (once or twice depending how I did configured it) it opens, and if I click on the text near it, lets me change its name. Why should we learn new ways of doing everyday things? 

Today, I will still speak about my last path or two paths, but using the "My communication style" from Level 2 of the Effective Coaching. Waking up in middle of night, I decided to concentrate on level 1 projects really so much the foundation on which all the Pathways is laying. So much to tell! That is when I fell in love with it, and never really stopped. 

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