1 Nov 2017

Pathways + Online a winning combination!

Sunday evening (for me) Monday morning in Australia and still only Sunday morning in Vancouver, we had a meeting of "Online club's Alliance" whatever it is officially, it lets officers from Online clubs, chartered or pre-charter, meet and discuss common interest matters. 

Yesterday, it was about Pathways and how we can handle it for the Online clubs. First the Pathways "pioneers" told their experience with Pathways. 

Indeed, Pathways + Online is a winning combination. Here is what I said.

One of the Toastmasters complained "Pathways arrives to us only in May to online clubs".
I pointed out that we do not have to wait. 

First, most of our club members are "Dual" (some in as much as 8 different clubs, many far away even from where they live). Pathways did already arrive to at least 3 of our members in Witty Storytellers. Other members, used to online, found clubs in Pathways Districts or Regions to adhere Remote access, and also begun their Pathways journey. 

Indeed, as we begun to have Pathways Special Meeting already in June, by now, 65% of Witty Storytellers Online members, all "pioneers" jumped already on the Pathways paths. Three of us already finished their first path, others just are in level 1.

The rest of 35% from my club I am VP Education, already looking around for a club fitting their time schedule. Even those who were a few month back reticent, now caught up.

By the time the Undistricted district time arrives, last in the row, we will have plenty of Toastmasters ready to be Guide, Ambassador, Technical Help, and so on, instead of needing it ourselves. Already 3 of them are in my club, and that does not even consider me and others with six or more month experience. Once the enthusiasm of the first catches...

In every Online club we already have Pathways Guides or Ambassadors or Enthusiast. Each spoke about their experience. In their different clubs.

Also, as I wrote yesterday, in the difficulties with some club members from "old" clubs, printing for them the Evaluation Sheet to make them interested or a Project to be able to speak for those who could not use their old computers. 

Then we listened to Fabiola, VPE in Firebirds and Coach of Buddies, a club who from 5 arrived now to 18 members! Now soon, got Distinguished already with Brian, Fabiola coaches and Mark, mentoring help. Of course, Misako, the brilliant and energetic President also found new ways to connect to China.

We also are there for Online Pre-Charter clubs, Mentoring, Sponsoring, encouraging them.

I went often to Zaldy's Emperor, to Svetlana's Witty birds, so on.

Lately, I discovered Ablaze Online, Magda, Kevin, so many!

My inspiration speech lead Magda to begun her Pathways journey, Kevin begun too, and Carole invited me to speak to Pathways Guides! Friday for Paul, Sudha and me, Saturday in Australia and New Zealand, we will offer their members and guests a special Pathways panel. I hope, many will be interested as their region get into Pathways a month later.

And me, will fulfil my Panel Moderating, an level 5 Elective of my second path. I have a wonderful Panel with a wide and diverse experience all eager to participate.

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Unknown said...

Julie - I get warm fuzzy feelings when I think about you and your guidance. You are the BEST!