3 Nov 2017

Pathways story and here is my Base camp

After three pilot Districts, from February to May, the Regions begun to roll out one after the other.

Exciting! and also so much work.

Region 14 did bring a lot of new readers to this blog, from far away, for me and made me dream of "exotic places". Region 2 begun in September and Region 6 and 7 just now, indeed.

Soon, the region 10 and 12 : tonight we held a Panel discussion all the way to New Zealand!

For them I also offered this:

After my Persuasive speech at Ablaze Online, the President of the club joined a Pathways Region club and started her pathways journey, and Carole, Trainer and Guide in Australia, come to chat with me through zoom, and after that invited me to show my screen and how I navigate in Base Camp to Guides that have never 'seen' it or experienced it, yet, have to speak about already about it in their clubs. 

First, I spoke about my experience. See the video above.

Then I showed them how I enter and close a project, then a level, see below. 

I just had a project to close. No, it was not the Q/A project which I was doing, the project before, that I completed a few hour prior to it. Part one, bringing you "inside my base camp" shown though sharing my screen in Zoom platform.

The rest of story, for next time. Of course, all this is not only for guides, even if I do not add a lot to explain. It is for all of you, if you are curious.

Should I add one at a time, or like here, two of the time?

Tomorrow will be this blog 6 month anniversary! Thanks for all of you coming and coming back so often!

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