22 Nov 2017

Why? I still don't understand!

I love pathways, but in its user interface there are still some very annoying things I still do not understand why were put there, and still often get into same, hole. Then have to get out of it.
In my E-Portofolio, once I get there, to add a new Evaluation Filled form, that yes, by now, I do know, only I will see, get this one to add it to the Level it belongs. And before I go further, no, there are not different from Path to Path, so before adding them, I now learned to put in their names the Path initials and shorten the names too.

What would you do if you arrive here?

Well, I am used on my computer to click or double click on the folder I see to open it. I still do sometimes, and nothing happens. The folder does not open. Now, I did learn, we have to click on the name of the Level, for example, Level 1 for it to open. Why?

On the other hand, other places, if I click on the Name, nothing happens! I have to go under the name then the same name appears, and it opens only goes to where I want, only if I click under it.
Inside the Base camp, when I open it there are Home, Tutorials and Resources and Check Compatibility, all very important at least at the beginning. So, I did click on the NAME : try it. Does not work. What works is going under the name and click on the same name in grey. Why?

Third example, was for me even more annoying at the beginning, and I am not sure I am the only one. Why do we have to advance one time with Arrows, go next page, go next page, and then suddenly with clicking on NEXT and NEXT and NEXT? Or, even in same cases, going down to find the rest of the points to answer? Is it so difficult to make all consistent? It must be. It seems our Pathways inherited some of these small annoying things from the people from whom TMI did buy the interface.
This is the one that did not let me finish my first ever project. I answered, then I clicked the arrow. No! We have to click on NEXT till all the small rounds are finished, all questions answered, and then click of course on the answers, chose points one to 5, then again the Next.

Yes, there is a Direction (white on blue) and if you see it and think asking directions it does explain you, but even that is for some confusing as it goes on the whole screen and some I met hesitated to click on it again so it does disappear. This one has to be "known" as till you do not answer to ALL self assessments (before and after studying the project and speaking) and save both your project is not considered finished by the Base Camp.

I do hope, with time, at least some of this (and a few other) user interface issues will be resolved. For the moment, just know that they are there and enjoy the projects. I do!

Next, I will have to give a speech about my Team work project. I did the team work, but then reading again the project, discovered that now I would have to speak about an aspect of team work from which I learned or enjoyed. That will be, when I can give it my next Pathways task.

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