2 Nov 2017

Dananjaya Hettiarachichi : Personal Storytelling maestry

Dananjaya Hettiarachichi at Rotary is his longer speech, longer story, as each time he changes the main stories but not much.

Not only is he an example, that you can tell the SAME story again and again and adapt it, as in Level 1 Feedback and Evaluation we are asked. He is also, with his winning the TMI World Championship in Malaysia, the Video, we can see inside the Base Camp's Level 3 Storytelling. Tell compelling stories.

While, we are yet most of us far to reach his level, each time I listen to him, I find new things in it.

As he makes audience laugh from the beginning "I listened to hime, and I wished... I had hair"
Then continues with a story when as young, got arrested. Masterful storytelling, pauses, movements too. Connection with audience. Nothing is left to chance, in his delivery, even if the message changes, the main stories from his life remain and distilled, recreated, are used again and again.

Do not hesitate to begin Icebreaker many times, do not hesitate to repeat same story again. 

Listening to him again, I wonder even "should I tell my new tale" or repeat the best, old one? Improve on it, leave a better impact with it? Pathways also has a great way to take out the best from us all. 

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