5 Nov 2017

A Panel, New Zealand & a workshop, London

While we did organise the Panel, Expectations and Delivery, but not the meeting itself, I was just there to answer some questions at the London District Conference Pathways Updates. What I would like to tell you today is about the Q/A part. Later, will publish some videos from our Panel.

From Carole offers us questions from the Clubs she visited as Guide:
Carole McCulloch, AU : Q.1. Where will we be delivering our speeches?
Carole, AU : Q.2. How do we get our first award?
Carole, AU : Q.3. Where do I get the projects from?
Carole, AU : Q.4. Do I need to complete the Advanced Mentoring Project to reach my new Distinguished Toastmaster?
Carole, AU : Q5. Can my previously completed projects enable me to gain Recognition of Prior Learning?
Raymond Mok : Q.6. For someone in the middle of completing CL, can the project assignments be carried over to Pathways?

Here are my answers, now.

1. The club, officers, meetings, Table topic, Speech and Evaluation part does not change. We will deliver our speeches in our club meetings, in a room, a pub or online. As usual. That does not change. And wherever we can go to speak also outside Toastmasters, if we have a Toastmaster with us to give feedback.

2. First award is Level 1 of the first Path. In level 1 of all path there are 5 tasks. 4 speech and one evaluation. But more important, for me is to understand and try to do all the tasks suggested, before you give the speech and after it.
The speeches are the "ice on the cake" sometimes. A lot of work behind the scenes is suggested, making Pathways Education a real deep learning, when we play with it.

It is the VPE (or President or Secretary : all Base Camp managers) that approve all Levels you completed. Then also rapport your levels in Club Central, so you get it on record. Till the level is not acknowledged, we can not open the next level projects.

3. When Pathways arrives to us, we get 1 path (we give a quiz then chose which) in that path are 5 levels with each 2 or 3 projects of increasing difficulty and time to make them happen. Some more oriented on speech, for example, Body Language or Voice Variety, others more oriented of leadership like Communicating Change, Organise Online Meetings, and so on.

4. The Advanced Mentoring projects is separate. Teaches a lot, by doing it by not necessary for a path or for the distinguished title either.

5. No Prior learning. In each Path, the Projects are inside it, and do not "prior" to the other Path. I did complete 3 projects instead of 2 between the Electives in one path. Only 2 count. The third does not carry on to the second path. But I learned more: that is the advantage for me. In fact, in that first Path, I opened almost all of the 12 electives before I decided, which of them go in deeper for this path. I saved some of the others to read away from my computer, and use another time for another path.

6. Yes, some of the tasks from CL manual could carry on to the Pathways tasks, if not yet finished CL and will not count them there. The same applies to roles held. But if you did the Body Language in CC it does not applies to Pathways, nor the Research etc. We begin "as new" and to what we learned some more is added, so it was worth for me every time. For those more experienced them me, let us know in a comment if I am wrong with something.

In the District convention, we answered different "level" questions. Pathways is still farther here.

  • How many path I get? -> One free, two if in more then one club, when the Pathways reaches you.
  • Does Timer get recognised? -> It is marked, but not obligatory. But as we need all timers...
  • Do not our ACB, ACS etc get recognised, count? -> It counts for you: you learned skills. The program is so different, that there are no equivalences, from the Legacy system we have now and the Pathways education system that is coming to us.
  • Can a mobile phone be used ? -> Yes, if you can read the small characters, I said. And yes, I often use my iPad to login to a Pathways Path and Project. As well as my laptop. I did try iPhone, works (if in all of them the Popup stopper is disabled) but do not use it normally. My old eyes, not so good.

It would be wonderful to have in the comments your questions. 

Now, I changed my blog settings, and get all comments send to my email "for approval" but that is what makes them send so I can easy see them and answer to them. I do delete only publicity, but no one's comment.

There is a wonderful Facebook group, Pathways Discussion Forum, where many questions are posed, many answers are given, many issues discussed. I am one of the Moderators, and follow it day by day.

Are you asking me "what about those cute images? They are from Paul White, one of our Panelist, Chief Pathways Ambassador of district 27 and finishing his second path while beginning the third. He uses them to explain the differences between what we had and what we will have. Tomorrow, with his permission I will post them one by one, or will show the video of him, would be even better, explaining them. Or all our panelists.

Video editing is not my forte, so to do it will take lot of my time, and I prepare now for the Reflect on my path story. And not an easy story to tell about this path I am just finishing now. Perhaps, I could Reflect on the two path together, it would give a better picture?

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