16 Nov 2017

I love blogging!

I really love blogging. Did love from the very first day, I discovered it, more then thirteen years ago.

At that time, blogspot was yet in its infancy and we had to learn the HTML codes to format the text. We could not add image directly from our disc and that is how I discovered Flickr, from where I learned so much over the years.

Hello world!

I am here, I have a voice I need to feel alive to speak to all of you. But, at the beginning, I wrote in French and did not dream even be read from far away.

Then come a young student from Japan learning French, and someone from Belgium, an older man from America! It grew slowly at the beginning but I could tell my tales. The first was that indeed there is life after we got 70. The second was to publish day by day also my diaries from age 10 to... 70. I stopped my Retro Blog when I arrived to age 70 with them, and stopped the Il y a de la vie après 70 ans, when I got 80.

Now a lot of Social Media exist. I used for some time Linkedin. I never liked twitter, too short for all I needed to express day after day. Mail? I use it often but mostly to communicate one by one; even for that nowadays I prefer video conference to see them.

Facebook took over a lot of my energy and I have many friends. But it is still not the same as blogging, and have all of you come to visit from all over the globe!
India! Russia! Malaysia, Canada on one end and Australia on the other. Some of course from UK I live even and, a lot from all over US. Those are only the most 7 from last month visitors. So many more! 

And finally, as I changed my comments back to blogger, I get comments and get an email each time so I can answer them, enjoy them. And yes, even in the Pathways Discussion group from Facebook, I get comments from those who visited it.

I can even know how the post "most visited" change. Last month this were those "most". Some, because the title, others because I published them also on Facebook different groups. Combining two Social media is better then only one of course.

Another reason, I spoke already is that I chose a Template that works on many different devices, without me worrying about it. And yes, last month iPhone readers jumped up!

I did try this morning: yes, one can access Pathways through iPhone and with eyeglass for me, even read what it is written. I am in awe of the technology, that from 1980 when I did begun, never stopped to rush and evolve. 

Even the Pathways user interface will evolve with time, I have all the confidence in it! For example when it says "you can access Evaluations through a dropdown on this page..." there will be an actual dropdown. For now, I did click on the word Evaluation, and it did work instead of dropdown. Do not give up. But I wanted an Evaluation Resource for a speech I have given a few month ago and now will in another path, and I was answered "you already downloaded this one!"

Solution? I had to go to my path, open my level and project: from there, I had no problem downloading it! Then, my printer got out of ink. So, finally I send it by email to VPE and the TM of evening, hoping some will print it or pass it to my evaluator whoever it will be.

Life online is an adventure, like is not a smooth quiet river, but we can deal with whatever does come and learn from it, and tell others.

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