20 Nov 2017

Pathways Discussion Forum

I believe, all of you knows already, the Pathways style Icebreaker is available free for everyone, Toastmasters or not, on the Toastmasters International website. Anyone can experience it, print it, save it. Share it. Discuss this Project, same for all Path. This morning, a wonderful storyteller wrote me all excited: my next story Thursday, will be from Pathways! Even if I am not yet "in" for now, at least till January, I begun! I begun!

Today, will be a month that this Facebook group, Pathways Discussion Forum was created. Already, 472 members and growing. Very useful interesting informations and discussions! From the first ever Pathways District Chief Guide, to Chief Guides just gathering their Guides and Ambassadors, to the Guides describing their work and the Base Camp Managers about how they go around, all the way to those who are wondering "what will be, how it will be, when it comes finally to us too?"

If you are not yet "in" the group, ask to join, by answering the question posed. 5 moderators ready to help and lots of interesting discussions. Useful discussions. Specific questions and details, too.

Here is for example, the last image added by Brent Smith: what in his Region already on Pathways his Pre-Charter club received, for it's members. Till they charter, they have the Navigator, printed and online. They have all this manuals where the Public Speaking Fundamentals contains 3 Projects for newcomers. Let me presume, but not have yet confirmation, equivalent to Level 1 in any path.

"As soon, as the club is chartered, they can continue on the web based Base camp their education".

As for me, waiting to see, will I be or not selected as Guide? Or will I continue as Ambassador? In my own District - the one I live in now - Pathways Education Program will arrive with the early spring. I have been Pathways Ambassador for more then 2 years now, but the real work will begin now, soon.

So happy, that I did now wait and went towards Pathways and discovered not only the Program but wonderful people along the way! And all the readers of this blog who give me so much joy.

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There's definately a lot to learn about this issue.

I love all the points you've made.