17 Nov 2017

Focus on the Positive

Focus on the positive, is the project I have chosen in my Effective Coaching path.

We have one Required project, in the Effective Coaching: Reaching Consensus, which will take more time, so for the moment I concentrated on choosing then working on two Elective projects, on my level 3.

First Elective chosen by me this time, was Connect with Storytelling, prepared and delivered in London not far from where I live. It was a rather sad story, memories of same day in 1944, while hiding from Nazis, and trying to find a place to live. At the same time, we heard a funny very well told ghost tale, more easy to "get". So what?

As I am now all the way inside the Focus on Positiveinstead of telling that "I was not given time enough, or that my tale needed more in fact to explain to those not knowing the war, the holocaust, Hungary", and so on, I will turn it into positive. See bellow.

Wonderful! I printed two copies of my Evaluation 3 pages each. I gave one to our VP Education, who did found the club and was Evaluating me in public: he was awed by the fact that I can give it in any style! I heard it in his voice. He begins to catch my enthusiasm for it. Wonderful!

Great progress also with our President, who did tell the ghost tale so well, and after come to tell me it was grace to me pushing him to understand and tell personal stories, and learn how to tell them. He was the second whom I asked to give me feedback. He filled out, every bit of space, delighted to use the Pathways form, and when I told him "keep the third page" his eyes lighted up. Reluctant only three month ago about Pathways, he is now really warming up to it.

I am the third in our club, as Secretary, as future Pathways Base Camp manager, and will be able to help the club smooth go into Pathways Program from March, or even prepare them before. Was it not good idea to volunteer as Secretary last year? It was.

Those are the firsts I can thank for, be happy about.

I wanted to write my diary, day by day, of my positive and negative feelings, two weeks at least, as this project "Focus on the Positive" asks me. 

I had no more free notebooks, and I prefer to write longhand. Yes, I did order new ones, and waited and waited, but, finally, not too long. But I am impatient.

I thought perhaps I could find some free place in an old drawer that I did not open for long time, as its holder is broken. Broken! But I did manage to open it. This morning.

Ah! I found a lot of treasures in it.
What a luck! Just when I need them most.

Not only I found  four free notebooks, all empty for me to write in, and I can chose from more then one now, but also a lot of filled notebooks, about Story Telling, about Comedy, about the books I read and even stories from my life I can use in further projects and speeches.
Look! Four nice looking, almost like books to write in, at my choice, and yes, have already chosen one: the one with less pages.

Perhaps, I will continue writing my thoughts and feelings and how positive feelings and thinking impacts on my life, more then two weeks, minimum asked by the project, but well, not all the days from now on as with this blog... On the left of this picture, you can see all the filled in notebooks, through years in which I found material I can read again and use. In fact I begun writing and writing what I found about Story Telling and later from my Humour workshops, since 20 years ago!

I read a lot of books, every day read something. Wonderful! Now, I can read from myself! What I felt and what I thought. And be positive and happy; And even share some of what I found, this time here, online. I begun to understand, focusing on the Positive has its merit, indeed.

Before leaving today, last great news. Instead of telling you I will show you. Thanks giving? yes!

See? 21,000 page-views today! For in total 193 posts and of course, almost as many days. Meeting you my dear readers, visitors, is a daily joy for me as well as thinking about what my next post will say.

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