30 Dec 2017

2017 in photos review

Yes, I will take you to my basecamp, next year. As soon as we arrive there. For now, let me review my last year, what I did and how I went. A lot went on, but here are a few images about it.

January, begun with a workshop in Croydon, I was invited to participate. Two full and interesting days, but... I do not want to create any more a company.

It was masterfully given and we had good time.

And Samir one of Guides with me as Ambassador next year. I do have (even if still not on the web) three different guides with me and ten clubs I will go, soon, at the beginning of the year. Even more then last year, a lot to do.

February found me in Dublin, I offered a Storytelling Workshop to Toastmasters in the evening, and next day with 'would be toastmasters' in a Bank, telling personal humorous stories one and half hour.

March, I offered a humorous workshop for Experience French Toastmasters in London: they loved it

In April, rereading again all my books from Smedlay book he suggested we read in his manual. I begun my Pathways Journey in earnest and FULL TIME.

May, French elections: Macron President: I live in London but I am French citizen.
May I begin this blog!!! Every day till now and on, of my Pathways Experience. (Today we passed 28 000 visits) I wrote about different things already and sometimes it seems "again" but look here:

As I begun to work on my second path parallel in June, here is what I found: nothing same even if it seems we enter the same river and go to the same projects: we are not the same either.

Less funny in July nose surgery but all is well that finishes well is not it?

My leg and knee did now work so well either, but I do not need them to GO Online! As to my nose, a bit crocked looking now, but who cares? When I smile one observes more my eyes then the other details.

Plus, I learned to find the appropriate background for all my speeches.

In August I discovered Zoom backgrounds first, then Zoom's screen sharing also after I organized a Zoom Panel, my first Panel: digital background with a photo of an alley not far from where I live.

in September, breaking ice of the Leadership Development path telling a story in family in France

October, Panel about Pathways in New Zealand and Q/A to Pathways guides in Australia - online and many meeting where I connected to clubs who met on the ground. We learned how to do it best.

I finished two path in November and the third in December and study again Managing Transitions.

Even if I did read a lot of Projects and bought a number of Paths, and got new Books, this is the one that influenced me most this year.

I do recommend it to all of you who have to go through change or to help others go through it.

Written by William Bridges, author of Transitions, the "new" book: Managing Transition is about his experience with companies undergoing Change and full of helpful advices.

What to do, what not to do, why and how.

That got me going: give information about the change again and again and again.

It is never enough or too much.
In December we finish our parallel Path with Paul White creating the Storytelling international festival we worked for since June to create, with 10 storytellers from near Washington DC, Virginia, and 5 storytellers from 5 different parts of the word coming in through Zoom. 
A bit bric and brac for me to remember the year; not all so rose as it seems but why remember the rest? I learned from Pathways project again "Focus on Positive!"

Tomorrow post will speak of my pathways journey this year, and how sometime even my less good choices turned to be best at the end. Now, I can really give advice to all how to chose and how... not to chose a path when so many available. What really makes the difference. Yes, there is already at least three posts about the choices in this blog but this time it will be an overview of my experience.

As indeed, no man steps in the same river twice: I am no more what I was when I begun.

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