27 Dec 2017

A path is not composed only by levels and projects

YBToastmasters: Watch Our Meeting

Above is from 7 to 15 minutes of the meeting, my reflection on my Leadership Development path delivered from London to the Oregon Toastmasters breakfast meeting. Coupled from Yakima TM blog. Do you feel like you assist to their breakfast? Their meeting? Very much so.

My co-storyteller, main organiser of the December event, Paul White come to listen to my delivery, from Alexandria, Va, but I do not see him on the video. But this time, they did take in video all what I said. Last time my speech was not recorded yet. Two of the other storytellers were also present, Svetlana, from  Samercand, Uzbekistan, Michelle, from Manila Philippines.

We really proved in the last six month that one can personalise a path and use it to achieve a goal, personal or in this case common to many of us. A huge storytelling festival of toastmasters, some at the festive hall of an university and others coming in from different parts of the word. And on the way, tell stories and demonstrate their importance. Going indeed, from story to story, and meanwhile also creating special events. Bigger and bigger events.

Like when you finish creating a book, a bit sad it is gone finished, so I regret my path no more with me. But of course the next one is waiting already. And now, I know, it is up to me what I do within it.

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