25 Dec 2017

Some never stop

Happy Christmas to all!

For me, usually was the day when I received, and  later offered a decorated fir tree. This year, the fir tree I found was very near the house: in the super market. Not one, but many different ones.

I got something more important, warmth as special food, from my family. While the food did not really agree with me in the night when I was alone, the warmth arrived with me even now, home from celebrations.

A hug, a warm smile, a great slide show with lasts trips to show me a place I have never been, yet another hug, and a hand that hold mine. I can not say a small hand, as my grandson's hand is now so much bigger then mine! My grand daughter offered me her bed for the night, and also warm hugs. My daughter-in-low enchanted me with great pictures and stories about Tai and her trip.

I decided not to open my iPad or iPhone and not to connect for two days to the Web.

Did I keep my decision? Well, not. And I was not the only one. I got Christmas greetings and send some and took some pictures, but it was not enough. Finally, I cracked and opened the Facebook Notifications. Arrived to the Pathways Discussion Forum. Read what and whom discussed.

Conclusion? We care so much that we give opinions, respond to each other and even discuss how would be better for the Pathways Future. Even Christmas Eve, even Christmas Day as it arrived!

Looking back I realized : if we did not care so much we would just let go and not answer. Not festive days when we are with family! But when we are passionate, difficult to get detached. I see every day Toastmasters who want to help, to find the best solutions. Not all think one way it the best or the other, but all want what they think would be the best to help.

I am sure, you too. Not only to get answer but also to be able to give a helping hand.

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