28 Dec 2017

How to tell Basecamp the Project is finished?

First, you have to have chosen a Path, your first one. Then begun to travel on it, launched a project.

Already wrote about it but here it is again, in three simple images. How tell Basecamp, "I finished".
Before you read the project, do not forget to answer to every question "Assess your skills - before" then Submit the answer. Only then it is saved.

After you finished and delivered also a speech (almost all projects end by a speech) please again answer to ALL the questions in the Assess your skills - after. Then Submit them so they are saved.

Take care: do not to answer these questions, at least not the last one, before finished. It will think, you are done.

When you see this screen popping up, it means that Base Camp considers your project finished.

Sometimes, it can take a minute or two till your project show "finished" at the level, but it will come.

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