20 Dec 2017

Leadership Development Level 5 finished

From story to story, from meeting to meeting organized, I arrived here: this morning I could not only view my Path Certificate but print it too. I will probably receive it also sometimes later from TMi.

My Badges are already their, when nothing is near a badge, either just "activated" or the path finished. While I am on them, there are numbers that show how many of each level I finished. That shows some of the 3 others 4 time. 

That is my third certificate of Proficiency, that I got after my last speech yesterday. It was far away through zoom, but three of my pals from my main online club came to assist! One of them even gave her Icebreaker at the same meeting! I was not alone.

As I had not seen the Timer, I spoke a bit less and skipped a paragraph prepared, but in all I liked my speech. Another day will publish a version of it. Reflecting on a loved path is easier, and I got them to laugh as I used also auto-depreciative humour. So, after all it did not got so bad.

I just have difficulty understanding, why relatively so few of us have more then one path. Of course, I have a lot of time, home and alone, and nothing else practically to do. Well, that then go to different online meeting, or remote access as will begin with me in 20 minutes now.

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