6 Dec 2017

How did I chose?

I told yesterday, how one should chose, the wise way to do it. But when I begun, end March 2017, I did not know all that. So how did I chose?

I fall in different holes. Learned from it. "Next time, I will know better"

First, I chose by the title: "I want to learn to speak better, not interested in Leadership." That got me the Presentation Mastery path, at the very beginning it was on Web. "Too much printing, told me those bringing the printed projects to me".

Instead of buying a printer, I did buy the Printed Material. Yeah. Between more then 10 000 only 60 fall into that pothole.  As I was an early adapter, and there was some misunderstanding miscommunication between those I paid and those who were supposed to send: 2 ½ month till I got it.

Meanwhile, I changed my Web based Presentation Mastery - before the first month went out - to Visionary Communication, as I was interested in Change. That was a better choice! A great choice for me, and I went on the Web based path, while waiting, with less and less patience for the PM Manuals.

Let me only say, that at Level 1, last Project, Research, I knew what interest me: combine Transition with Pathways and then, more I went into the Visionary Communication, more I decided to make it happen, not only to me but around me. Help it happen as smooth as possible.

Then again, I fall for a title: Effective Coaching. I do like Coaching! So? I put it aside, as I could not would not do it "now" I was busy first with the VC then even the Presentation Mastery I finally got.

Then I begun to understand how to chose finally! Look at the Projects inside the Paths. As Paul White, my storytelling pal and Chief Ambassador from D27 proposed to dedicate a whole path to Storytelling and create a Storytelling Festival toward the end of the year, I jumped on it. No, this time not in the pothole! I did select a path whose title did not appeal to me, but the Projects did go exactly where I wanted! Creating a Team, creating a small Event, creating a big Event. On the way toward it, I told stories from my childhood and storytelling, of my adulthood and storytelling, of my storytelling outside toastmasters - which lead to my HPL and finally DTM 2013. Then, to the first Storytelling Online club!

I am now past the Story Swap, it was greater then I imagined! And yes, the next task is to analyse with the team the results. All fall as they should, and the path helped me in a great way. A great choice.

Meanwhile, I got angry at my third level, as they send me with preselected "electives", and dropped the Printed copy. I wanted back my choices. I did buy back the Presentation Mastery web, in November, finished it, as I finished the Visionary Communication. I become one of the five Toastmasters with 2 path behind me, finished them. Now, the 2 others path still to finish. Paid more in INK for my printer then for my paths, but at least all projects I take on are my choices.

Three click and we are now inside the Base Camp and in plus it is in the middle! Hurrah.
Leadership Development? Me? I really were not interested in this title, till I looked carefully at the projects. Yes! This was a wonderful choice for what we wanted to do, and yes, that is how to chose.

I was in one club, near me for 9 years now, still am. Then after I broke my leg, I discovered "online" and went for it! Two online clubs. One I joined, the second I founded. Then, I heard I can join Remote a Pathways district club, and did. The rest is history. Now I am member in SEVEN clubs, learn something different from each. And visit 5 other great smaller clubs remote or online, have lot of places when I want to speak, or get a role, or help.

My life changed from Spring to Winter, it is full!


Magda said...

How I made my Pathways choices are altogether different to yours Julie.
By that time I was already reading your blog every day.
I decided to follow your example and I picked Visionary Communication and Presentation Mastery.
I am not so sure that Visionary Communication is giving me what I thought it will be. I find the tests for leadership and communication styles superficial, to say the least. It cant be compared to a programme like The Thinking Pattern Profile (TPP) that has in the “backroom” millions of possible outcomes. The TPP can’t be manipulated. Any test that is self-report like the ones on Pathways is not science because of the fact that it can be manipulated.

Presentation Mastery is a good path for new members as it is a helpful replace for the CC manual. Presidents and VP Ed should know this.

My methodology was to lay the printed paths next to each other. Pick from what is most appealing to me to the least.
Then I allocated all the electives to make sure that I do each and every one.
It did not take me long to discover that I will be doing some twice.
All this information I drafted in a table that I shared with you.
Now I am at peace. I planned my journey.
I am looking forward to it.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Level 2 is not my Favourite Level either, but not only VC, almost all path have almost the same projects in it. One from three differs from time to time. The Electives are even more similar from path to path, Magda. I would not rush to do them all in only three path, but yes, I admit, I also did 3 or 4 at my first path, from Level 3, and read almost all. Printed and printed the manuals till my ink run out. Ink, for me costs more then a whole new path.

Once, arrived at level 4 I begun to linger, and not only because the projects take longer to complete. It is indeed, building skills, that do not come in a few days but longer. Never stopped with what I learned there, even when got to Level 5.